Do you purchase waste fibers, yarns and fabrics?

  • Yes, we purchase many different fiber and fabric wastes from our suppliers. We then recycle these waste streams through our manufacturing facility. For example, we can recycle para-aramid tangled filament (end of bobbins) or split braid and we are always looking to find suppliers to join our supplier list. We only purchase waste if its 100% pure.

Can you blend specific fibers together?

  • Yes, we can make a customer specific blend. This allows the customer to tailor specific fiber properties to create a blend of fibers which can achieve very specific scientific values. For example: 50% Acrylic, 30% Aramid, 10% glass, 10% cotton.

What fibers do you typically use?

  • We specialize in staple aramid yarns, but we commonly use the following: cotton, e-glass, acrylic, viscose, carbon fibre, polypropylene, meta-aramid, PTFE, polyester. If we don’t stock the fibre you are looking for, we should be able to source what you require through our supply chain.

What textile processes do you have?

  • We can precision chop fibers and filament between 4mm-70mm. This allows us to prepare our raw materials for the process it is required in. If needed we then offer the following services: carding, spinning, dref spinning, plying / twisting, yarn coating, texturizing and weaving.

Are you able to provide domestic services?

  • No we do not offer any domestic services and only provide products into industrial applications. We do not produce any fine yarns which are commonly used in the apparel sector.

What powders do you commonly mix?

  • We commonly mix dry powders which are commonly used in friction applications.