Our Company

Our business is split into three business units – Technical Textiles, Powder Mixing and Fibre Recycling.  They all operate with a common focus, which is to partner our customers so we can add value to their products through technical and commercial differentiation.

Technical Textiles

We make yarns and fabrics for a range of engineered applications such as Automotive Friction yarns used in clutch facings, filament winding yarns that are used to make composite bearings and tubes (our CruxTex range) and fabrics that are used in ballistics, composite re-enforcement and laminate production.

Our technical team have a wealth of in depth knowledge and experience in understanding the challenges our customers face and working closely with them to solve them. From this stage we are able to utilise our substantial manufacturing base to physically deliver the solution you need. The cornerstone of this is our ability to very accurately blend different fibres to produce materials that are bespoke and specific to our customers individual application. We operate at the forefront of materials technology and as such have very close ties with major fibre and materials manufacturers, Universities and Government funding bodies. Our customers work with us when:

  • They are looking for a production and technical partner relationship
  • They are embarking on a new project and need expert advice on material selection and manufacturing
  • They are looking to improve their final product through the incorporation of cutting edge materials
  • They have an idea and need some technical support in developing it.
  • They have products that require complex mixing facilities
  • Current supplier does not understand their business
  • Supplier is not proactive

Contract Mixing

Utilising a truly international supply chain, we supply dry powder mixes into the Automotive Friction , Plastics and Composites sectors. Our Compounding facility allows us to produce rubber based compounds that can then be moulded into various forms. We supply this service into Rail Friction, Gasket and Seal manufacturing and for use in other bespoke Composite applications. Backed up by our comprehensive process controls and laboratory, we work closely with our clients to develop bespoke formulations, specific to their applications.

Fibre Recycling

To reduce our carbon footprint, we often prefer to use recycled materials in our process. We can process undesirable forms of fibre, which not only allow us to be competitive but which also reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.  We also offer the ability to recycle your waste back into a format applicable to your application.  For example, fabric waste back into continuous staple spun yarn.  We often recycle split braid, carding waste, spinning waste, weaving waste, mixed tangled filament.  However, we are not able to recycle all forms of fibres – we do not accept anything that has been impregnated into a composite board.