Filament Winding Yarns

Filament Winding Yarns

Our Filament winding yarns are used extensively in several applications. Yarns can be designed with you to ensure that they exhibit the desired technical properties demanded of your process and can be made from either blended fibres or we can also offer dref yarns where yarn construction can consist of a continuous filament core with a different material spun around the outside. This family of products is known as CruxTex™ and a datasheet is available to download below.

Materials that we work with currently include:

  • Glass
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Aramid
  • Cotton
  • PolyPropylene
  • PPS

We can also supply the yarns coated in a number of different coatings.

We are actively looking for new applications where we can utilise our extensive yarn design experience to help you to find solutions to challenging technical problems.

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