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Fortitex™ was developed for the concrete repair industry for applications such as:

  • Seismic protection of existing none re-inforced beams and columns.
  • Repairs to structures damaged by impact or fire.
  • Improvements in load bearing capacity of structural members.
  • Restoring the structural integrity of buildings.

We had the fabric tested by a team at Northumbria University here in the UK and they undertook testing in accordance with BS 12390-5:2000, Testing Hardened Concrete – Part 5. The results showed that applying Fortitex™ in accordance with the correct installation process, increased the flexural strength of the concrete by 4-5 times.

Fortitex™ is a uni-directional Carbon Fibre fabric that comes in 300mm rolls and in weights of 215g/sqm, 300g/sqm and 600g/sqm.

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