General Fabrics

General Fabrics


Can be supplied in a wide range of materials, finishes and specifications and range in weight from 200g/sqm to 1,100g/sqm. Weave patterns are available in plain, twill, satin and herring bone.

We can produce fabrics from single materials and our hybrids can be blended on a fibre level or blended by alternative warp and weft. We also have the ability to provide Dref Spun yarns whereby we can produce yarns which have a continuous filament core with an alternative material spun around the outside. Materials that we work with include:

  • Aramid – both Meta and Para
  • Glass
  • PPS
  • Polyester
  • PolyPropylene
  • Carbon Fibre

We add value to your organisation by working with you to understand specific applications and using our extensive experience and understanding of high performance materials to design the best solution for you.

NB Glass fabrics are generally made from ‘E’ Glass Alumina free borosilicate and can come with either a woven or a cut edge.


Most fabrics can be supplied with the coating of your choice from a range of materials such as Neoprene, Aluminium, PTFE and we have an in house laboratory where we are able to formulate proprietary coatings based on specific applications.

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