Seals & Packings

Seals & Packings
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Yarns, Chopped Fibre and Gasket Mixes


We work closely with our customers to develop yarns that are specific to individual applications and we also offer a range of coatings to ensure the correct sealing performance. We specialise in producing yarns and coatings for particularly arduous applications.

We produce a range of standard yarns that include several different yarn structures and where added abrasive strength is required, we have the ability to spin various metal wires into the yarns construction.

Please do talk to us about your particular application and our technical team would be delighted to help you to find the solution that fits your application. Some of our more standard yarns can be found in the Pdf.

Pulp/Chopped Fibre

For use in speciality gasket mixes, our fibre processing and chopping facility enables us to supply you with almost any type of fibre you need.

Gasket Mixes

Our extensice experience of supplying high quality mixes, either to proprietary or bespoke formulations and coupled with our in-house computerised control systems and laboratory testing facility mean that we are the supplier of choice to many leading organisations.

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