Yarn Prep and Weaving

Yarn Prep and Weaving

Using our vertically integrated textile facility we offer a variety of yarn preparation and weaving services. Although, we are specialists in aramid yarns and fabrics, we offer a whole host of services to enable us to tailor your need and desire. Aptec Products have the following services:

Precision Chopping 

Precision chopping allows us to chop fibers to a specific length. By using the correct length, we can optimize the scientific value to find the optimum length of fiber. Our machines typically precision chop 4mm-70mm but can operate outside that parameter.

Blending / Opening 

Blending and opening allows Aptec Products to fine tune specific blends to enhance the scientific properties of each yarn and fabric. Aptec Products design blends directly with the customer to reach excellent scientific and technical attributes. For example, 70% aramid, 20% glass, 10% viscose.


Taking the specific blend, we can then create a staple yarn by carding the fiber into a sliver. We can comfortably create 300-1000 tex sliver. However, with some amendments to machine settings we can operate outside of these parameters.

Spinning / Twisting / Plying 

We have several spinning machines which allow us to spin in both the Z and S direction from 30 TPM – 300 TPM. These yarns can then go onto our twisting department to be plied together to create a bespoke yarn. We often create bespoke yarns by taking different yarns and twisting them together to enhance the scientific properties. The flexibility we have to create niche yarns allows us to create value at each stage of the process.


We commonly weave fabrics at 1.25m working width but can weave 1m-2m wide fabrics cloths. We commonly weave fabrics 300gsm-1000gsm using the yarn we prepared on site.

Other Services  

Our Cruxtex range using Dref technology allows us to wrap a sheath around a filament. Please refer to our dedicated Cruxtex page for further detail.

Texturizing – Texturizing yarns allow us to increase the yarns surface area to allow for a greater impregnation. This is particularly good for GRP composites.

Yarn coating – Taking any yarn we have the ability to coat this in liquid dispersions such as PTFE and other bespoke coatings by drying through a number of heaters leaving only the solid content behind. This is particularly good for bearings and seals.

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